Baltic Finance provides full cycle accounting services

Management, financial, accounting and tax reports

Control and monitoring of financial flows

Records management

Accounting consultations

Internal audit

Payroll calculation and personnel records

Baltic Finance provides full cycle accounting services:

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Control and tracking of financial flows

Accounting is not limited to the recording and analysis of financial data, it also includes the actual use of data for the benefit of the company!

Baltic Finance provides an overview of the companies actual financial performance and budget planning, providing the company with significant results not as an outsourcing service, but as a professional financial outsourcing department. Providing the entrepreneur with an individual, flexible and professional
approach from our accounting side

  • Records management

    Baltic Finance offers registration services - VAT, registration of foreign employers / employees. We have experience in preparing applications for LIAA support and attracting foreign labor.

  • Contracts monitoring

    The administration services of Baltic Finance are closely related to our accounting services in accordance with the requirements of the law, therefore the monitoring of contracts is of great importance in the development of a business, which affects financial flows and accuracy. We provide personnel contracts. Fulfillment of the exact terms of service contracts, cooperation agreements and other agreements and their terms.

  • Consultations

    The entrepreneur is interested in conducting his business operations and successful development, but often faces special requirements from the government authorities, therefore Baltic Finance provides support as an external finance department for companies in the Baltic States. We advise on accounting and business optimization. We provide an explanation of the latest legislative changes and their recommendations for a specific company.


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