Effective credit management is essential for the financial health of any business. It involves monitoring and controlling the flow of funds, ensuring timely payment of invoices and minimizing the risk of bad debt. At Baltic Finance, we provide comprehensive credit management services that help businesses improve their cash flow and reduce the risk of financial losses. Our Credit Management service is a part of our Control and Monitoring of Financial Flows subsection.

Our credit management services cover all aspects of credit control, from invoice generation to payment tracking. Our team of experienced credit managers works closely with clients to develop customized credit management strategies that suit their unique needs. Our goal is to improve cash flow, reduce the risk of bad debt, and ensure timely payment of invoices.

Credit Management
Credit Management

Key Features:

  1. Credit Monitoring: We monitor clients’ credit policies, identify areas for improvement, and provide expert advice on how to reduce the risk of bad debt.

  2. Invoicing: Our team handles the entire invoicing process, from generating invoices to tracking payments. We ensure that invoices are accurate, timely, and easy to understand.

  3. Payment Tracking: We monitor payments and follow up with clients on overdue invoices. Our team also provides detailed reports on payment status and cash flow.

  4. Customer Credit Check: We conduct credit checks on potential customers to assess their creditworthiness and identify any potential risks.

  5. Debt Recovery: In case of bad debt, our team works to recover outstanding payments on behalf of clients. We take a proactive approach to debt recovery, minimizing the impact on clients’ cash flow.

Baltic Finance has been instrumental in helping us improve our credit management process. Their team is highly professional and always available to answer our questions. We highly recommend their services.
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Frequently asked questions

We use a variety of methods to encourage timely payment, including automated reminders, regular follow-ups, and clear and concise invoicing.

Our team takes a proactive approach to debt recovery, working to recover outstanding payments on behalf of clients.

We conduct a thorough credit check, analyzing factors such as credit history, financial stability, and payment behavior.

As every business has its own unique requirements, we provide customized pricing for our credit management services. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and receive a tailored pricing plan.